Smoothies and Juices

Smoothies and Juices

Hello my dear friend! 

Today i want to talk about some of my amazing tips and suggestions to support Goddess Detox program.

If you are ready, let’s brew a cup of nice herbal and let’s get started.

Did you know that you can feed your cells faster and more effectively with a cup of smoothie or juice with using nature`s magical superfoods? And also increase your energy level, feeling healthier and lighter? 

Before learning how to make the recipes, let’s take a look at the differences between smoothie and juices;

***Smoothies contains fibers of vegetables and fruits. It can be prepared in a different consistency by adding water, milk or yogurt.

 And you are always welcome to increase your smoothies nutrition by adding dark green leafy vegetables, fresh or powdered superfoods, colorful vegetables.

If you prefer to eat your smoothie other than drink it, you can decrease amount of liquid, make it a thicker consistency, pour in a nice bowl and sprinkle some seeds, homemade granola or nuts to support your hormone cycle!

**Cold Pressed Juices, which i also love to call them Youth Serum, that is, pure cold-pressed fruit and vegetable water.

When you don`t have a chance to consume enough variety of vitamins and minerals which are usually comes from the colorful vegetables and leafy greens in our daily life or when you want to make your diet more healthier and support your detox mechanism, cold-pressed juices are always a good idea to drink!

For juicing;

Centrifugal juicing machines works for juicing but they usually causes oxidization to the ingredients. And also the heat usually results in the loss of nutrients and vitamins.

But cold press juicing uses a method that does not involve high heat and therefore preserves the nutrients and vitamins of the ingredients.

For both of them you can use large amount of green leafy vegetables, colorful nutritious vegetables such as beets and carrots, some fresh spices such as ginger or turmeric, and small amounts of low sugar content fruits such as green apple, fresh cranberries or grapefruit. 

Before you serve the juice you can always welcome to sprinkle some super foods with high antioxidant capacity and increase the nutritional value even more.

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