The subject of gaining weight brings to our minds a high-calorie diet first. Of course, a balanced diet is very valuable for healthy weight control. However, it is very important for us to realize that weight gain is related to other issues besides nutrition.

In our daily life, we sometimes make choices, consciously or unconsciously. These choices are very important for us to maintain our soul and body balance to live and maintain a healthy, joyful and happy life.

If you are ready to listen to the body wisdom and weight control that I have detailed under different headings with holistic healthy living tips, take your hot herbal tea with you and let us get started!


There are hundreds of different models of dieting and healthy eating. From time to time, some nutrition models come to the fore more, and the question can confuse us, “I wonder if I should follow this diet too?”

However, whatever diet we choose, let us not forget that our body is unique. I want you to listen to our body’s needs and the messages it sends to us, and remind you that even though our choices are far beyond our habits, we can use our right to “choice” and “transform” and arrange it in a way that will benefit us.

If an unhealthy diet is continued for a long time, it can result in chronic fatigue, a depressed mood, high appetite, constant cravings for sweets, edema and weight problems, skin problems, and painful menstruation periods after a while.

These hormonal imbalances we experience may not be as fast and visible as the rashes on our skin, such as food allergies.

Well, let us take a closer look at what we should pay attention to in our diet and what questions we should ask ourselves in order to have healthier and more balanced hormones.


Depending on our daily energy consumption and lifestyle, we should prioritize whole foods. This choice will always keep our focus on much healthier choices, regardless of calories, whether we prefer vegan, intermittent fasting, pasketarian or Mediterranean diet. 


It is often not the calories in real food that make us gain weight or make it harder to maintain it. Refined and flour-formed products, toxic packaged foods, additives and added preservatives, or foods that have become unhealthy due to pesticides. Although the calories of packaged diet biscuits and apples seem to be close, I wonder which one will cause weight gain and disrupt hormone health? I think you can answer this question easily.


Persistent sweet cravings may be just one of the consequences associated with insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, and unhealthy gut flora. It is very important to get support from a holistic medicine doctor who will regulate the right vitamin and mineral supplements, and detox and intestinal health. A plate containing healthy carbohydrates that is prepared with the miracle of nature with colorful vegetables or fruits will also be a very good choice.


 During menstruation, it is very important that we take carbohydrates, fats and proteins in balance, as our body needs more energy from vitamin and mineral support.

We can consume seeds (such as flax, chia, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower etc), dark green leafy vegetables, whole colorful foods such as fruits and vegetables, sulfur-containing foods such as cauliflower-onion-garlic-arugula and mustard, and medicinal herbs and spices (such as ginger and fennel) will support our hormone cycle.

 Avoiding or limiting coffee on your period can help relieve PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms and cramps. Instead of coffee, we can drink herbal teas such as chicory, chamomile, or gingseng. 

For animal protein, we can primarily consume eggs, fish, and maybe small amounts of poultry and meat. Legumes are also amazing for a nutritious plant-based protein when we do sprouting or use a pressure cooker to prepare them properly. For healthy carbs, small amounts of non-gmo and gluten-free grains are a good option. A balanced diet which has healthy fats such as olive oil, seeds, avocado, tahini, coconut oil, nuts, etc. are perfect options to increase energy, relieve PMS symptoms, reduce appetite, maintain bright and healthy skin, and additionally can lead to a more focused mind and better mood.

Let us take a closer look at the dairy products that directly affect women`s hormone balance.

Cow milk and dairy products can negatively affect women and lead to issues such as calcium deficiency, intestinal problems, allergies, food intolerance, dark under-eye circles, feeling cold, increased appetite, and weight gain. Instead of dairy products, plant-based options such as nut milks are also good for our calcium needs. If it is not easy to stop consuming dairy products, it is much better to choose yogurt, cheese, kefir, and ghee butter made from goat or sheep milk.

Last but not least, let us discuss daily support such as some vitamins and minerals. 

Unfortunately, in this century even tough organic foods no longer have enough vitamins and minerals as before. Therefore, it is incredibly important to support our diet with supplements through the recommendation of our doctor such as vitamin B6, B12, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and iodine.


We are exposed to many chemicals that we use during the day, from cleaning to skin care, to brushing teeth, and washing clothes. These chemical-containing substances create a toxic load in our body after a certain period of time which can cause edema and weight gain, create skin problems and other liver-related disorders, affect our hormones and naturally our metabolism, and increase our appetite.

It is possible to have a healthier life and feel energized by doing detox with a specialist and removing the chemicals in our house day by day


Does your appetite increase the next day after a sleepless night? If your answer is yes, you are not alone.

Sleep is not only a process that rests our body and brain, but also affects our metabolism. When we do not get enough sleep, our leptin hormone (satiety hormone) decreases and our ghrelin hormone (hunger hormone) and cortisol hormone increases easily. This situation invites our body to gain weight by feeling more hungry, craving, struggling to eat less, and affecting our immune system in a negative way.

When we have a good sleep, we help our body make cell renewal and increases our energy metabolism. It would be easier to feel more energetic the next day without trying to have high amount of calories.

Having dinner as early as possible and sleeping between at least 10-11 pm will help us to lose weight and keep our body healthy.

Last but not least, here is another reminder for women who care about feeling young! When we have quality sleep, our youth hormone not only supports our immune system, but also helps us look younger and more beautiful. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


There is no doubt that love heals everything and kindness makes it even more beautiful… It is really important to listen to our body and try to understand its needs.

Accepting it as it is, showing love and being kind will easily help our body to express itself more clearly and easily.

This attitude will make it much easier for us to lose weight, decrease our stress level, increase our serotonin hormone, and overall make us feel better and more secure.

You may have questions in your mind such as, how can I be kind to myself easily.

Breathwork, meditation, affirmations and physical exercises are good for our body and soul. These practices and also some rituals to honoring our body and our soul are wonderful choices for us to feel more balanced, happy, and energetic.

About Author

Hello, I am Başak Soylu Kayhan;

Since my childhood, I have been very interested in spending time in the kitchen. Looking back now, I think that my food choices at that time were unhealthy.

Some chronic illnesses I have had over the years have helped me move towards healthier habits and healthier recipes. Overtime, my curiosity and enthusiasm for this subject increased even more.

I have lived for many years by traveling constantly in different countries and environments.

These different experiences made me realize that the journey to being healthy is not only related to nutrition, but also to environmental, energetic, spiritual and even some genetic codes and beliefs passed down from our ancestors.

As a Wellness Coach and Theta Healing practitioner/trainer, my goal is to support women to discover, renew and lighten, and lead a more balanced, quality, and enjoyable life with healthy, sustainable habits.